Pirate News for 8/2

Using her position to advertise: “It is not exactly in the spirit of heightening Alþinigi’s respect, to change its chamber into the set of an advertisement campaign. Nor does it garner respect for Iceland’s parliament, when ministers are turning themselves into advertisements” Pirate Party MP Smári McCarthy told Eyjan.



Just as Trump was not given any chance to win by most individuals in America, the same was said of Brexit in Great Britain. But the Trump and Brexit movements happened at around the same time, across the Atlantic, as people began to realize that their presumed leaders were not as awesome as once perceived. This led to political structures in both countries collapsing from the top down. Similar movements across the globe include the Five Star movement in Italy; the Pirate Party in Iceland; and a Libertarian mayor who won office in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Free Market Road Show Examines the World After Brexit and Trump

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