Weekly Meeting – 8/10/17

Maryland Pirates in Attendance

  • BaltimoreHacker(InsideNothing)- Patrick McGuire – Baltimore County
  • Snowcrash(IT)- William Mitchell – Harford County
  • AngeloGladding – Angelo Gladding – Los Angeles, CA observer
  • UnderCaffeinate – Eric, Anne Arundel County
  • epon – Eamonn, Montgomery County

Weekly Meeting Agenda for 8/10/17

<InsideNothing> I am going to warm up the bot
start meeting
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<AngeloGladding> is that a bot command?
<InsideNothing> Yea, it’s running the meeting notes as a secretary
<AngeloGladding> cool — I look forward to reading the code
<InsideNothing> Http://mdpirateparty.org/meeting_bot/v1/mdpp.log
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<InsideNothing> At least I know when it dies
start meeting
–> Snowcrash (~Snowcrash@64.145.qy.hyn) has joined #mdpp
<Snowcrash> Hello all.
<InsideNothing> So after last night I have a much better idea
<AngeloGladding> hello Maryland
<Snowcrash> share
<InsideNothing> Names and counties
Patrick McGuire – Baltimore County
<Snowcrash> ok, i dig it
<InsideNothing> First names are ok
<AngeloGladding> Angelo Gladding – Los Angeles, CA observer
<Snowcrash> William Mitchell – Harford County
<InsideNothing> Keep it informal for now
<AngeloGladding> so who’s BaltimoreHacker then?
<InsideNothing> That’s me at work
<Snowcrash> Greetings from Maryland!
<InsideNothing> Welcome all
<AngeloGladding> thank you Patrick for the Meetup account
can you add me as an organizer?
<InsideNothing> Yes
So let’s get to the agenda
<Snowcrash> aye
–> UnderCaffeinate (~UnderScor@h-68-725-713-40.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #mdpp
<InsideNothing> We have made contact with 5 counties at this point
<Snowcrash> Welcome!
<UnderCaffeinate> Glad to be here
<InsideNothing> Good evening!, first name and county?
<UnderCaffeinate> Eric, Anne Arundle
<Snowcrash> woot!
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<InsideNothing> We are just getting into our current growth
It is going really good, we have about 350 solid contacts from the Facebook page to connect with
<Snowcrash> *claps*
<InsideNothing> Total likes should hit 500 soon
<UnderCaffeinate> thats great
<Snowcrash> This is how strong grass roots start
<InsideNothing> So I am working on the ballot access
I should have numbers per county by next week to total over 10k
<UnderCaffeinate> what exactly is required?
<InsideNothing> 10k verified signatures
To get certified
It’s a bit more still to have our candidate printed on the ballots
I know we can easily pull this off across the state
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<InsideNothing> Anything else on ballot access or Party growth?
<AngeloGladding> may I ask how you’ve done outreach?
<InsideNothing> That should be to the group, Facebook?
I have done a lot of SEO, multiple social media sites, we post from our site and link everywhere
<AngeloGladding> i was going to ask how you’re doing that syndication
<InsideNothing> Combination of WordPress plugins
<AngeloGladding> are you familiar with the IndieWeb?
<InsideNothing> YoastSEO is essential
Not yet
–> SnowcrashIT (webchat@82.136.vp.hyn) has joined #mdpp
<SnowcrashIT> hello? did I lose connection?
<AngeloGladding> https://indieweb.org — open standards and protocols for an independent web
<SnowcrashIT> oh good!
<InsideNothing> I will look that up tonight
<AngeloGladding> one of their principles is to own your own content, self host it and syndicate it out to the networks
the way you’ve been describing your setup it sounded like you might be familiar
<SnowcrashIT> Im sorry my connection dropped, what did I miss?
<AngeloGladding> and Baltimore just got some representation within the last six months
<InsideNothing> http://mdpirateparty.org/meeting_bot/v1/mdpp.log
Our log tonight is live
<AngeloGladding> if you like what you see make sure to check out http://indieweb.org/Homebrew_Website_Club#Baltimore
<InsideNothing> I miss the irc history command
So on to personal rights
<SnowcrashIT> thank you
<InsideNothing> Can we agree to protect cannabis users?
<SnowcrashIT> aye
<InsideNothing> Without objection it passes
<SnowcrashIT> the fact that they are starting to rule against medical marijuana users after cards are obtained is unfair
thank you
<InsideNothing> Can we agree to protect the overall rights of lawful firearm owners, I think I worded that one right.
<SnowcrashIT> aye
<UnderCaffeinate> aye.
<InsideNothing> Without objection it passes
<SnowcrashIT> thank you
<InsideNothing> So to the environment, the fracking ban in the state passed
<UnderCaffeinate> this topic is very broad, i gather we are gennerally agreeing to the right to own firearms
<InsideNothing> To protect those rights, yes
<– MDPPbot808 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
<SnowcrashIT> I agree
<InsideNothing> Can we agree in opposition to the Potomac pipeline?
<SnowcrashIT> aye
<UnderCaffeinate> aye
<InsideNothing> Without objection it passes
<SnowcrashIT> we need to protect drinking water and environ for future generations.
thank you
<InsideNothing> The rest of the night will be open discussion focused on cyber law
<UnderCaffeinate> what do we generally think the piority issues should be RE cyber Law? what would be the top three?
<SnowcrashIT> Support of net neutrality
support of aaron’s law
<InsideNothing> Yes, from a platform view is good
<SnowcrashIT> there was was a push to make it illeagle to “hack” your own equipment i.e. routers phones
<InsideNothing> This is what message we will take to the people of Maryland
<SnowcrashIT> I feel if you own it you should be allowed to “tinker” with it
<InsideNothing> Yea we are antiDRM
That’s a solid party view
<SnowcrashIT> but does that encompass hardware? i guess is my question
<InsideNothing> Yes, ask a farmer with new John dear tractors
<UnderCaffeinate> agreed. This is something we need to learn to “sell”. it is often dificult to get non-tech folk to understand the corosive effect of everything being just “licenced”.
<SnowcrashIT> I like it. sounds almost like you read Freedom tm
i agree, its hard to explain the bredth of drm
–> Snowcrash (~Snowcrash@64.145.wq.lml) has joined #mdpp
<UnderCaffeinate> do we think there are ideas or laws that we could effect on the state level that would help with this?
<– Snowcrash has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
<InsideNothing> I would think so
If we can ban plastic bags…
<SnowcrashIT> I think we would have to write a law to protect it in this state
<InsideNothing> Users bill of rights
Can we get a quick off topic vote to support women’s rights?
<SnowcrashIT> yes
<UnderCaffeinate> aye
<InsideNothing> Passes without objection
<SnowcrashIT> good job
<epon> hello all
<SnowcrashIT> welcome
<InsideNothing> Ahoy!
If you want to catch up we have a live log running
<SnowcrashIT> First name and county if you dont mind fellow pirate
<epon> i have been in the channel so i can see the history
first name Eamonn, montgomery county
<SnowcrashIT> good to have you back
thats two new counties tonight am i correct?
<InsideNothing> Yea,
<SnowcrashIT> strong growrth
<InsideNothing> epon: you were in uspp last night?
<UnderCaffeinate> excellent, keep it up!
<epon> yes i was
<InsideNothing> It was great having multiple observers there
<SnowcrashIT> just found out today there was such a thing, when and where is next one?
<InsideNothing> I don’t know but we will post a blog when we get it
<SnowcrashIT> thank you
<InsideNothing> So with everyone here, we have enough to get sponsored for membership in the PNC
<SnowcrashIT> Woot!
<InsideNothing> Should we agree to proceed ?
<SnowcrashIT> aye
i saw this the other day. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Pirate_Party#State_parties
it would be nice to change that
<UnderCaffeinate> aye
<SnowcrashIT> I list our website and clear the “defunct” note?
<InsideNothing> Sounds good, we are in full control of this ship now
<SnowcrashIT> does this mean we get to name a captain now?
<InsideNothing> Umm we need bylaws
<SnowcrashIT> cart before horse, im sorry.
<InsideNothing> If you can get a majority vote who am I to stop you
<SnowcrashIT> um, i did not mean me lol
<InsideNothing> I know, I mean if we can get 2/3 over 2/2
<SnowcrashIT> you
<InsideNothing> Do we need a second?
Or just no objection…
<SnowcrashIT> i guess so, so long since i used roberts orders
um….., aye
<InsideNothing> epon or UnderCaffeinate ?
<SnowcrashIT> motion passes
now is your chance to wiegh in
weigh *
<InsideNothing> Or better we will give it till next week
<SnowcrashIT> ok
<UnderCaffeinate> oh this is my first meeting I didn’t know if i was qualified! but is some one is willing to step up sure!
<InsideNothing> We are deciding as a group as we go
<epon> to name a captain?
<UnderCaffeinate> if we are going to start formalizing we probably should get some formal by-laws in place. is there a basic temple we can start with.
<SnowcrashIT> I feel the same way, maybe next week we will vote if we thing InsideNothing is fit for command
<InsideNothing> I accept the vote of confidence, bylaws will be quick
Then back to captain
<SnowcrashIT> 🙂
call it
<InsideNothing> We are done for the night?!?
<SnowcrashIT> no lol I met vote next week lol,
what do folks think we should include in our bylaws?
is there a uspp template we can model after?
<InsideNothing> CAPP just did theirs
<SnowcrashIT> The public likes to see a strong face. If we have basic positions filled I think we will be taken more seriously.
just my opinion
<UnderCaffeinate> I agree.
<InsideNothing> We will expand pretty quickly, some of you may decide to run your own local county Pirate Party that we help set up
The network will be strong
<SnowcrashIT> Good idea, but we need to be under the state
PP umbrella
unified front and all that
<InsideNothing> I think we may have that process started by next week
PNC membership that is
<SnowcrashIT> We have a lot of work if we want to break the two partry establishment
<InsideNothing> I think we have a lot to teach Maryland
<UnderCaffeinate> although we are all spread out, are there thoughts on a face-t-face meet up at some point?
<SnowcrashIT> And i believe we will.
name a time and place
<InsideNothing> I would love to meet up in Annapolis
<SnowcrashIT> A good choice for location
<InsideNothing> It’s kinda political
<SnowcrashIT> meaningful
<UnderCaffeinate> plenty of great places to meet here!
<SnowcrashIT> The whole state is great lol
<InsideNothing> We can start picking date ranges for next week
<SnowcrashIT> sounds good
<InsideNothing> Gotta have something for the agenda
Anything else for next week?
<SnowcrashIT> Ill think of something and bug you with it
<InsideNothing> Sounds good, let’s finish the meeting and everyone can stay online?
<SnowcrashIT> aye
<UnderCaffeinate> aye.
<InsideNothing> end meeting
Thank you all for joining tonight!
<SnowcrashIT> thank you
<UnderCaffeinate> thanks for hosting. gladd to be here.

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